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IAPI Census 2016

IAPI’s annual census helps build a rounded picture of Irish advertising industry. Having worked with them to design a printed report and online infographic in 2015, this year we moved it all online. 

Visit census.iapi.ie

The Thinking

Moving the census entirely online allows us to make the insights more engaging using illustration and animation. While also providing richer, more interactive data, building year on year to give a more detailed picture of the industry.

The design of the online census needed to work for different audiences, from people working in the industry and those with a general interest to owners, directors, board members and industry journalists. Top level insights are turned into simple, fun illustrations allowing casual visitors to get the big points in an engaging way. We used infogram to publish easy to use interactive charts for those more interested in the detail. The data will be added to the site year on year, building a more detailed picture of the industry with each census.

The Work